Pleasing your partner is a pretty important thing whether it’s in an emotional or physical sense.15 people reveal the worst thing someone has said to them during sexAnd while your other half will no doubt want you to orgasm during sex, it’s not absolutely essential.Sometimes it might just not happen, for whatever reason and reasons do exist. Others can take an age to cum or find it difficult, so it ain’t all about racing to the finish line at lightening speed.And while lasting may seem ideal from the woman’s point of view, it doesn’t mean a dude has to shoot his beans.Admittedly the holy grailis to ejaculate, but my point is that it’s not always essential.It also depends on the occasion, the mood, and the intention. Hell, you might not be trying to get your rocks off and have more selfless aims in mind.Engaging in an intimate, sexual relationship with someone doesn’t always mean penetrative sex, either it can encapsulate a number of other things that can be just as important extended foreplay, toys, oral and more.As bizarre a concept it may seem to some, a man may just wish to sexually gratify his girlfriend because believe it or not making someone else orgasm can sometimes be sufficient gratification in itself.Well done, mate (Picture: Getty)Sometimes a woman may want to orgasm but not have penetrative sex and that’s just fine.It’s okay to mix things up and not confirm to the standard box ticking every single time you get frisky.There’s a lot of discussion over what we define as ‘sex’ as and what must be achieved to qualify as such.It doesn’t have to be in a familiar, traditional sense where both parties (ideally) orgasm through penetration and job’s a goodun.It can be way more subtle, more sensual, and ultimately more meaningful if you’re striving to meet your girlfriend’s needs, keep a relationship fresh, and ultimately fulfill a bond on much deeper levels of emotional connectivity..

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