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[A] 12 points submitted 2 months agoTo your point, yes, the redesign is not feature complete yet. That said, I wanted to share some more details on our rollout strategy and how we’re thinking about approaching it. We do try to keep moderators informed along the way, but we understand not all mods are aware of all channels for communication. If you’re not already subscribed, please do subscribe to /r/modnews and check out /r/modsupport as well which is a direct line of communication between mods and admins.We started rolling out the redesign to a few users in August. We did this because we wanted monlcer down jackets to make sure we are taking the right moncler mens jackets direction for our users and we can get feedback early and alongside our development as we continue to build ship improvements. We started with moderators and then added beta users as they have the deepest knowledge of Reddit. After that, we wanted to learn more about how people were cheap moncler coats engaging with the redesign and looked to a/b testing to understand that better. After getting many requests from users that they want to try it, we began opening up the redesign for more people to opt in. As of right now, not everyone on Reddit can even opt in to the redesign if they’d like. We approaching the rollout slowly to make sure that we’re iterating on progress in a way that is right for the community.When we add a group of users to the moncler outlet store redesign we send out out a survey afterwards and see if there are specific trends in the feedback we’re getting. We use the qualitative data from both that and moncler sale r/redesign to inform what we build and how we prioritize our roadmap as we continue to make improvements. Qualitative data is really important, but so is quantitative as we better understand how people use moncler outlet sale the redesign. That is why we are opening up the redesign to more people slowly to not only learn more about how people interact with the site, moncler sale outlet but also make sure that we’re doing so in a positive way by monitoring metrics, etc. (that’s from this comment but i don’t think we need to link it)As for what we’re working on now, almost all the work we’re doing in the coming months is based on feedback we’ve seen from the community.[A] 12 points submitted 2 months agoWe do have CSS in our backlog. Amazing features buy moncler jackets are done via CSS today, but it is hard. We think many of these features could benefit all communities (such as flair filtering). Given that we looked at what subs are doing and prioritized what to build natively and support in the future. That being said we will add more CSS as well but we dont have a timeline yet.As someone else pointed out we want to bring more functionality to other platforms (mainly mobile) and CSS doesnt work there.The “comments” button should lead to a static page. There is currently no difference between cheap moncler outlet clicking this button and clicking cheap moncler jackets the title, rendering it useless.That an interesting cheap moncler sale idea which we need to evaluate a little further. On of the benefits of the lightbox is that users go back to your community frontpage and participate in more conversation. That being said we should explore this proposal further.Option for mod teams to categorize their subreddits as “discussion based”, and/or include a lightbox toggle for users.Do you mind expanding on this a little more?Customizable original poster (“OP”) icons.We now have a team that is dedicated to communities such as yours. I will pass that feedback along to them. But they have a lot more stuff coming to improve the experience for text based OP subs : )Rule widget that distinguishes between submission rules and comment rules.This is an idea that we discussed internally. There are many set of rules we also want to unify them to make it easier to manager your rules. I will discuss this with the team that focused on that part of Reddit. Thanks for providing this feedbackBig Editor, moncler outlet ability to save drafts, and other commenting/reading options.In Q2 we are working on the ability to save drafts. Especially for communities with a lot of text we think it is helpful to save the content. We also think there is some benefit in the submission flow doing so. We already kicked off that work but it is fairly complex so it will take some time.Some stylistic suggestions to improve readability of long discussions.I let u/hueylewisandthesnoos answer that oneAmg137 [A] 6 points submitted 3 months agoThat is correct. We want to carry over as many styling options as possible to mobile. On an ongoing basis, we see more users migrating to mobile as their primary browsing experience and today there aren enough styling options to make communities feel like they have much of an identify there. We want structured styles to change that.Most of the features you have pointed out will be accessible on current Reddit. The redesign mainly focused on the frontend and less on the backend so functionality such as rss, autmod will not be impacted. In the future we will continue to invest in the new stack and build out more functionality.In terms of mobile web, we are first focusing on desktop and then will extent the support to mobile web, so we don have to support different page and all your styling cheap moncler gets carried over to mobile web as well.

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