As of the publication of this article, Laura has counted more than three dozen women who shared their own stories with her; HuffPost has spoken with 18. Many of the women met Garland as high school or college students and traveled with him to isolated locations with the blessing of their schools. Looking back, many also now see his conduct as unprofessional, harmful and in some cases, abusive, even likening it to cult like brainwashing..

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“I’m going to have bad games,” Simmons said later, after the Sixers fell behind the Celtics 2 0 in this best of seven playoff series with a 108 103 loss. “It happens. Obviously, it’s not the perfect timing, but you head home now, we have two home games that we need to take care of and handle business.”.

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The foreign policy that resulted during the first year more or less stuck to establishment priorities: Trump might be personally enamored of Vladimir Putin, but his administration pledged to deliver lethal weapons to Ukraine to fight Russian subversion. Troops killed hundreds of Russian mercenaries in Syria. Trump sent more troops to Afghanistan, and, to his deep frustration, his advisors persuaded him to stick to the nuclear agreement with Iran.

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