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Hermes Kelly Replica They don like to cut bonuses back, because people don like to play a build they tried before and find that it now does less, so instead they buff everyone upwards.The issue stems from the fact that their progression doesn have a ceiling, since GRs are truly infinite scaling, so they have to balance all the sets around each other.It is extremely unlikely that the set of variables and different talents, mindsets, the kind of opportunities available in the gaming industry at the time will come around again in the same way to get that quality from Blizzard again.It like those anecdotes where the younger generation is irresponsible and squanders the fortune and legacy of their forebears.In the meantime, a scrappy newcomer is able to take on the Goliath and the greatest benefit is for the gamers who get to enjoy some quality gaming from a developer with heart. I don weep any tears for Diablo franchise anymore. We do not remove most PoE comments as they bring a lot of good discussion Hermes Kelly Replica.