I saw his single minded commitment to work, farmers’s welfare and the development of Amul and his sincerity. He was truly committed to spreading the Amul model throughout the country. In fact, NDDB was set up purely with that intention. Part of Ensler’s vision for theater is to connect back to the Greek premise of using comedy and tragedy as a vehicle for catharsis and healing while combining it with instruction and information. She and the producers are hoping that sponsored tickets for group attendance will comprise part of future audiences. In response to an inquiry about a critic’s observation that the play was not “ideal entertainment for the Mitt Romney demographic,” Ensler begged to differ.

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Mr. Garfield wrote dozens of books in genres ranging from thrillers to war stories, and his worldwide sales topped 20million copies. Many of his works were adapted into feature films and television movies. Today’s generation are inclined to different interests and activities to meet their satisfaction and contentment in life. Being the youth members of the society, they are more drawn towards several vices that they see from other people. In effect, these young people are mostly influenced to do such things.

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