In 4 months you might be back down in hours. In a few years when the kids are older she could go back to the work force. It will be your journey so make a team plan with your wife, without judgements.pawel_the_barbarian 1 point submitted 6 days agoIdk, I raising a kid Celine Outlet and it doesn seem that hard, it was mind you, big change happened when I started paying more attention to her and less to myself, almost overnight her attitude changed so much, from wanting to cause chaos to just wanting to be a part of everything, as long as she has some small part in what I doing she happy, and more often than not she occupy herself without needing any input from me, just as long as we in the same room and I respond to any inquiries she may have immediately, as in I put what I working on down, and speak with her, when it over she goes back to doing her thing and I resume my work.

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