The Hometown Heroes Act of 2003 extended the same benefits to victims of heart attacks and strokes on the job. The death benefit, which is adjusted each October for inflation, is now $295,194. To qualify, the victim had to have been involved in “nonroutine stressful or strenuous work” in law enforcement, fire protection, prison security or disaster relief, among other duties.

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And the importance of that role is growing. Canada’s wealth management industry is in the midst of the biggest intergenerational wealth transfer to date. Approximately $1 trillion will pass from one generation to the next in Canada between 2016 and 2026, according to data from Strategic Insight.

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He never owned a car until 1922 or so, still riding horseback. When the Great Depression hit in 1029, he soon could not afford to run his car so the family car was on blocks in the garage until he finally sold it to some neighbor boys for five bucks. Since the car was technically mine, dad gave me a quarter which I think is about a hundred bucks in today’s money.

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