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moncler coats for kids How can you trust him?”The Prime Minister last night faced calls for an inquiry into the fiasco. And a No10 spokesman was forced to insist Mr Cameron had “full confidence” in his party chairman.Shadow Cabinet Office Minister Jon Ashworth said: “These letters clearly show the lengths Grant additional resources Shapps was prepared to go to in order to bully a constituent into saying the Tory Party Chairman had stopped pretending to be called Michael Green after being elected as an MP a claim we now know not to be true. They also drive a coach and horses through Shapps’s claim that his denial of having another job while an MP was made in the heat of the moment.”Nothing could be further away from the heat of the moment than the sending of a threatening solicitors’ letter.”Labour wants an inquiry into whether Mr Shapps broke the Ministerial Code.Election campaign chief Lucy Powell wrote to the Prime Minister saying there were “serious questions to answer”.She added: “Despite his repeated denials, there is irrefutable evidence that Grant Shapps had a second job while being an MP.”It is also now clear that he was actively soliciting for business while using the pseudonym Michael Green.”It is now moncler jacket sale essential that you fully investigate whether Mr Shapps has broken the Ministerial Code.”The Lib Dems also weighed in, with a senior party source mocking both Mr Shapps and the PM’s attitude to environmental issues. moncler coats for kids

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