In this case, the attempt to over deliver outside the scope of the core business actually had a negative impact. By making assumptions and acting too quickly, the business did not first discover the root cause of the traffic decline. The reality had nothing to do with customer service, and everything to do with technological advances (like mobile apps) making some of their preexisting services obsolete.

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This is a good thing for the Friars if they can get something done. Talk is cheap, and as I’ve discussed before, MLB and itsowners have done a pretty good job of promising futures that don’t come to fruition by way of prospects. Fans are stuck in perpetual loops of hoping for a future that never comes..

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A stream of speakers was there at the event who reminisced about their association with the late journalist and praised his contributions to the leftist and progressive politics. “He spoke with courage of conviction,” said Saleem Siddiqui. Railways labour leader Manzoor Razi said Mansoor’s columns always condemned class discrimination in the most forceful manner.

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