Plymouth Hospitals now operate direct access MRI Brain/CNS via ICE system”In Shape for Surgery” NEW Devon CCGDevon has one of the highest concentration of military bases in the country the Royal Navy, Royal Marines and Army all have a significant presence across the whole county. Across the wider South West peninsula, this equates to 36,000 service personnel. This means that the Armed Forces community (which includes serving, families, veterans and reservists) is equally large; with up to 5 10% of the 15,000 who transition out of the services each year choosing to stay in or move to our part of the world (with their families and all their routine as well as service related health needs)..

These managers fear that productivity will decline if they let people expand their focus and pursue their passions. This fear is unfounded. Studies have shown that people who are able to pursue their passions at work experience flow, a euphoric state of mind that is five times more productive than the norm.8.

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