We cooked up a story for him that is a little bit of a long play. Not a short play. Renner will indeed return in Avengers 4, which he was photographed filming. But still, I see an opportunity to hope that we may hope.My wife, who came to this country from France at age 14, brought with her many delightful elements of her native, Southern French childhood culture, and none more endearing than this: “parler, pour ne rien dire.”Talking to say nothing. Trump.What if, all along, he was channeling Pagnol, in a sense; speaking to stitch together the unraveled? Clearly, he was saying what many among the disenfranchised wanted to hear from him, so he, in turn, would get what he wanted from them: their vote.What if, embracing the realities of governing us all, Mr. Trump renounces the futility of exclusion by religion, or the folly of a wall around Mexico no one will fund?Well, then, perhaps he is in a better position than anyone ever has been to make the case to all of us, rather than just those of us already so disposed, for genuine immigration reform blending the lawful, the orderly, and the humane..

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